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10 tips to manage a Software project


Software project management refers to the branch of project management dedicated to the planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, monitoring, and delivery of software and web projects. Project management in software engineering differs from traditional project management in that software projects have a unique life-cycle process that re...

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Most used CMS in the world


Creating a website has become easier than ever. There are many platforms to choose from, and most allow you to build just about any type of site. But due to the large number of options available, it may not be easy to choose among the best CMS (content management systems). In this article we will help you make that choice. We'll break down everythi...

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The Manifest Names Emerald Studio As Ones of The Most Reviewed Mobile App Development Companies in Colombia


The mobile app development industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. It was impossible for anyone back then to imagine the kind of world we'd be living in today because of apps. In the same vein, it's newar impossible to predict how apps will continue to change the world ten years from now. It makes us very proud to know that our...

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Descubre cuáles son las Redes Sociales más usadas en Colombia


Si quieres tener una idea de cuáles son las redes sociales más populares y utilizadas en Colombia, estás en el lugar adecuado. En este artículo exploraremos los datos de las principales plataformas de redes sociales en Colombia, para que sepas qué debes tener en cuenta para maximizar el alcance de tu marca o producto. Introducción En Colombia, much...

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