What is an online shop or eCommerce?

It is a web page focused on sales of products or services. They are divided into categories and the list and detail of each product is shown, accompanied by images, texts, prices, product variations, etc. They are very profitable and useful for your compa

What is an online shop or eCommerce? - Emerald Studio Agencia Digital - Bogotá, Colombia iPad iPhone

How do we do it?

First, you must indicate your traditional sales process. You indicate how your business is structured (categories, type of services or products, etc.). Then we propose a clean design and take care of assembling each product in the shop so you start selling. We also have relations with payment platforms such as PayU Latam so you will receive the money directly to your bank account. Read more about how to increase ecommerce conversion rate - Always be sure to have a marketing plan for ecommerce

Benefits of eCommerce and an online shop:

  • Sell 24/7
  • Reduce the costs of sales
  • Safe money on commissions
  • Higher sales reach

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