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Our work ideology is based on working together and being very happy with what we do.
We are not colleagues; we are friends working together!
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Call us via +1 (850) 468 2600 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are thinking about starting a project, do not hesitate: contact us! Define your project

Meet our team

They are the ones that contribute to your growth
Daniel Álvarez - Emerald Studio Team

Daniel Álvarez


I am a web and mobile application developer. Entrepreneur, innovator and passionate leader. I love teaching!!!

Katherine Moreno  - Emerald Studio Team

Katherine Moreno

Business Manager

I am an industrial Engineer and will translate all my knowledge and experience into establishing direct contact with our customers to provide them with innovative solutions and effective support.

Widad Rodriguez - Emerald Studio Team

Widad Rodriguez

Project Manager

Hi I’m Widad! A strategic and detail-oriented project manager with +6 years of IT experience. I’m passionate about technology and digital transformation.

Ángela María Cáceres - Emerald Studio Team

Ángela María Cáceres

Account Manager

Financial and Project Management, passionate about my work. I enjoy quantifying and qualifying my own results. Ally of justice and balance.

Daniela Gaitán - Emerald Studio Team

Daniela Gaitán

Graphic Designer

I am a Visual Designer and I am in charge of giving the artistic and visual touch to your projects. I focus on creating the coolest design proposals for apps, web pages and social networks.

Angie Mendez Lopez - Emerald Studio Team

Angie Mendez Lopez

Fullstack developer

I am a telecommunications Engineer with a passion for developing Web and mobile applications, and ardent about delivering quality results with excellent problem-solving skills.

Pablo Balcero - Emerald Studio Team

Pablo Balcero

Fullstack developer

I am a software engineer and telecommunications engineer, passionate about mobile and web application development. I like to meet the objectives as efficiently as possible.

Santiago Sandoval - Emerald Studio Team

Santiago Sandoval

Web & Apps Developer

On a continuous learning journey

Jenniffer González - Emerald Studio Team

Jenniffer González


I am an interactive media designer, specialized in web application development. I love that users have a good experience with the digital world.